Coporate Social Responsibility

A sound understanding of the reason behind Coporate Social Responsibility is an essential need for organizations in the 21st century. ecom being started and brought up in Srilanka, we follow the values and culture of our mother land that guides us to help our society see a bigger and brighter future for everybody. We believe that corporate firms all around the world should have a CSR initiative instilled within the core values and traditions of the organization in a way that gives back to their people, their clients and society as a whole.

Through our free website package service this is exactly what we are trying to achieve. Using our resources, it is our way of giving back to our communities. The free package is targetted at micro businesses, charity and other non profit making organizations as well as individuals to promote their activites by enhancing their outreach via the internet. Following the footsteps of organizations such as ICTA that are promoting awareness campaigns for the uses and benefits of ICT we at ecom try to use this package as a way of promoting under previliged organizations to create an image for themselves on the web. By doing this we will bring internet technology that much closer to the people of our communities which will help them create new avenues of venture.

Where there is care, there is hope.


Ecom Technology Lanka (Pvt) Ltd